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Construction infrastructure is one of the driving strengths behind the Dubai’s vibrant economy and incredible growth. In fact, across UAE, the construction industry has played a key role in offering robust structures like bridges, airports to high-rise office, residential or government buildings with the support of best building and construction materials Company in Dubai. Over the years, since its inception in 1973, UAE Enterprises is a leading company and supplier of construction equipment and building materials by delivering highest quality products. Our mission, as best quality and authentic suppliers, is to have a lasting impact on our clients through the superior products and outstanding customer for decades in Dubai and UAE.

We have been important part of building and construction industry, working along with designers, contractors, architects, businesses, home owners and so on – designing projects and supplying building and construction materials across, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and all other emirates of UAE. We keep persevering as we continue to be the leader for innovation and excellence in the regional construction industry.

UAE Enterprises offers a wide ranging building materials that includes an extensive range of leading brand products including high quality timber and hardwood as well as plywood and FF plywood, all kinds of white wood, structural steel, cement boards, Felxel sheets, Gypsum boards at competitive prices.

Why is UAE Enterprises your ultimate destination of building and construction materials?

  • Fully certified products that last for vast years.
  • Over the years, our reputation is built on quality and reliability.
  • Unparalleled customer service and technical support from experts.
  • Our well networked warehouse and supply facility, and delivery service – ensuring the material are delivered on time.
  • Our distribution outlets are located throughout UAE, offering customers national coverage with local delivery of various building materials.
  • We have vast industry experience and expertise of local market.
  • UAE Enterprises is a complete solution for the customers as they can select an extensive range of building materials irrespective of the size or location of the project.
  • Our dealings are strengthened by quality, trust, professionalism and transparent communication.
  •  Reasonable pricing for all your building materials.

Explore our wide range of building materials today forconstruction projects of all types, from infrastructural to residential constructions, extensions, reconstructions, commercial projects within your budget.

Have a plan in mind?

Contact UAE Enterprises Group, one of the best construction companies of Dubai, for your projects.Our aim is to make customers satisfied with our products and delight them through innovation and services.

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