Should you consider wood as your primary building material for your construction project in UAE?

Building materials can be defined as any substances or resources used by man for construction purposes. Humans have been using various materials found in nature like wood, clay, sand, rock, etc. to construct buildings. Amongst these building materials, wood stands in a league of its own not only in Dubai or Sharjah or Abu Dhabi but all over the world.

Using wood as a building material in the building and construction industry in UAE or any other GCC countries brings an aesthetic aspect to your construction project that is hard to replicate using other building materials like steel and concrete. Wood also, brings an element of sustainable energy to your construction project in the Middle East as it circulates energy savings till the time the building stands. If you want to be a sustainable buyer, then you need to consider not only the manufacturing process but also the clean-up costs and by-products of production. Research in the global building and construction industry has shown in the afore-mentioned aspects, manufacturing wood results in lower solid waste by-products as well as lower pollution and greenhouse gases. Thus, this functional sustainability element coupled with its aesthetic beauty aspect helps wood standout from other building materials used in construction like concrete, steel, etc.

UAE Enterprises is aware of this knowledge and so, beats it chest with pride to tell you that we are one of the best, leading suppliers of wood and other building materials in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and rest of UAE as well as other GCC countries. Since five decades, UAE Enterprises group is most trusted wood trading and building materials company in Dubai and UAE of engineers, contractors, architects and interior designers employed in the building and construction industry in the Gulf region. To check out the building materials that we can supply you anywhere in the UAE, please visit our products section.

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