How to choose a supplier of building and construction materials Company in Dubai & UAE?

There is a high demand for building and construction materials in Dubai and UAE. So, list of building and construction materials suppliers abound by the thousands not only in Dubai but all over UAE. The construction industry in the UAE is known all over the world as a booming zone for years. As supply follows demand, it is but natural that lots of suppliers of building and construction materials have set shop in the GCC, Dubai and UAE in particular.

Thus, as a company looking for a supplier of building and construction materials, it becomes difficult to choose from so many in Dubai, UAE. Each supplier will come with a unique selling proposition as to how their company is different from others or does things differently from competition. If one decides to choose based on the unique selling propositions forwarded by the suppliers, then such a deal may be good but not ideally suited for the company as such decisions are usually based on what the person-in-charge wants for his company and not exactly what the company needs? Thus, to get the most bang for your buck i.e. gain maximum returns on building and construction materials budget, we need to choose a supplier in Dubai or UAE who fulfils our needs and not according to their unique selling proposition.

A good example of this would be you needing to buy a screw-driver. So, you go in the market and find a shop that sells best quality of industrial usage screw drivers. In spite of you feeling it to be a bit expensive, you buy it and come home.

Sounds a pretty good deal right?


Well, yes and no. It is a good deal because you got the best screw driver that money can buy. No because you didn’t need a screwdriver built to suffer the wear and tear of daily use. You would hardly be using it at home or anywhere else. The ideal one would have been a slightly cheaper screw driver of good quality for infrequent use. However, the shop you went to specialised only in industry equipment and not household ones.

Thus, it now becomes clear that rather than focussing on what the supplier is giving, one should choose a supplier based on the needs of our company. For this, we need to define what the needs of the company are. This means finalizing a list of factors to tick off before closing in on the ideal supplier.

There are a variety of factors that one can introduce in this list to choose top building materials company in Dubai and UAE. To understand them, one has to understand their source of origin which is business objective; in other words, company goals or needs. The factors that would make a company leading wholesale building materials supplier ideal are those that help you achieve these business objectives. Thus, one can just list the business objectives of their company and accordingly, determine those factors which would help them find a supplier of building and construction materials ideally suited to fulfil their business needs.

To understand this better, allow us to illustrate this real-life scenario that happens in the business world countless number of times. Your company has decided that it would only work with suppliers that have been in Dubai or UAE for at least a period of 5 years. The reasoning behind this rule is that the extended period shows the company is truly engaged in the business of supplies and not just a fraudulent company that would dupe vendors and move on to another area. However, if you come across a supplier that is giving you high quality material for low prices, then you might get wooed by his proposition since you practically getting your building and construction materials at an unreasonable price. But, this results in you getting shoddy quality materials that are not fit for your project. And when you go back to look for that supplier, he has packed bags and moved onto a new place leaving you to incur additional expenses in buying new supplies for the project. Thus, it made sense to not only derive factors to select supplier based on your company’s needs rather than the USP of suppliers but also to stick to them no matter what. It is better to suffer the ignominy of what could have happened than the actual loss of being duped.

So, it makes good business sense that you compile the list of factors independently based on your business objectives and choose a supplier who can fulfil them. However, with the intention of making this list making task a bit easy as well as giving the reader an idea about what factors to look into, we have compiled a list of factors that are the common ground or form the basis of every list. Let us take a look at them below.

1. Performance

I know it sounds like common sense but yet, many companies forget to ask about and ensure the performance aspect and capability of the building and construction materials they purchase from the supplier. The ground rule of performance factor is to select materials (in our case, building and construction materials) that can fulfil the load bearing capacity of your company’s project as well as perform well under maximum load.

Sounds simple enough.Then, why do people make mistakes in this aspect?

Well, the answer lies in the various sales tricks that a supplier uses.

Sometimes, in a bid to sell their stuff, suppliers or any good salespersons for that matter, showcase prominently the other features of their building and construction materials e.g. climate resistant, discounted prices, etc. The decision maker (in the case of your company, you) falls for them as these are features any sane person would like to possess. However, they may not be required for your project or the ones actually necessary are not there like adequate load bearing capacity and good performance under maximum load. This is how the decision maker can get side-tracked from the performance aspect. Hence, one must always keep the performance feature in mind before selecting the building and construction material supplier.


2. Cost

When looking at cost factor, you must see that the supplies fit in your budget.

You might think, “Are you serious? That’s the most basic thing. How can you go wrong here?”

Well, people make wrong decisions because they get distracted from their focus. When you are looking for supplies, esp. in the case of building and construction materials, you get side-tracked because of the other features you are getting with another product.

When handling the cost factor, one must constantly be thinking about getting properly performing supplies within budget.

But this focus about costs shift to I am getting additional features at lesser money; thus I am saving money.

As a result, you may sometimes feel the urge to go overboard and secure additional features that add no immediate value to your project at the risk of going over-budget. To avoid this, always stick to the performance metrics you want and nothing more. This will help you stick to the budget and save money.

3. Durability

When looking for a supplier of building and construction materials in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi or in Middle East or any part of world, durability is a factor that one must give utmost importance too. Nowadays, many suppliers, with the intention of reducing costs, supply building and construction materials that look similar to high-quality materials due to their slick finishing but are nowhere near as durable. This phenomena is seen not only in the building and construction materials industry in Dubai, UAE but in all industrial sectors all over the world.

The main advantage of durability is ROI – return on investment. Buying durable supplies means it is less likely that you will have to replace them in the near future. This long term cost savings totally outweigh the short term discounted price benefits of buying less durable building and construction industry supplies. To explain shortly, durability denotes quality.

4. Sustainability

Sustainability and durability are similar, aren’t they?

Well, this is confusing, you might think.

What is the difference between durability and sustainability? The answer is not much; just a slight distinction. They are both peas from the same pod.

Sustainability implies choosing only those building and construction materials that can be reused again easily, if need arises. Thus, durability is about the length of time whereas sustainability is about the number of times to be used. But this leads to further confusion.

How can cement be reusable?

You are right. It only applies to building and construction materials like timber, wood, hardwood, plywood, structural steel etc. which can be used multiple times. When making purchasing decisions about such building and construction materials, it pays in the long run to buy quality materials capable of being used multiple times rather than cheap knock-offs that have to be thrown after single use.

5. Maintenance

Similar to sustainability, for all those building and construction materials that you need to use more than once, it is pure folly to spend nickels and dimes in buying them and then, pounds in maintaining them. Buying top quality building and construction materials includes the feature of having to incur low costs for their maintenance.

6. Availability

Whilst not so much of a prominent featurefor deducing a supplier’s suitability to your company, availability can be important based on the project and the building & construction materials that your company needs for the project. It is safer to buy supplies of building and construction materials that are easily available in Dubai in case of an urgency, which arises announced even after detailed planning. It is better to choose a supplier who can readily make available the building and construction materials in UAE over a cheaper one who would take time.

7. Climate

The climate of the Gulf region is unique in its variability and extremity and possessing its own topical features. When looking for a supplier of building and construction materials in GCC countries, it is prudent to check if the building and construction materials can weather any form of extreme climate.

8. Aesthetic Appeal

In consideration of building and construction materials company, the look and feel of a project after completion using these raw materials can add value, although sometimes and not always. Sometimes, cost efficiency adds value. Thus, based on the project in Dubai, your company should buy building and construction materials based whether their aesthetic appeal will add value to the final project; and choose a supplier of building and construction materials in UAE accordingly.


In conclusion, it is safe to say that when one takes into account these factors when deciding on the supplier for building and construction materials not only in Dubai and UAE but across Middle East as well as the world, chances are very high that they will find a supplier ideally suited to meet the company’s needs in the best possible way. One such noted supplier of building and construction materials is UAE Enterprises Group. Over the years, renowned and trusted by huge number of clients not only in Dubai but all over UAE, they supply varied products in wood, hardwood, whitewood, cement board, structural steel, etc. all over the Gulf Peninsula. Let us find out more about them.

UAE Enterprises Group and its subsidiaries, founded in 1971, supply building and construction materials to Dubai and other emirates of UAE as well as other GCC countries. With over a thousand customers, UAE Enterprises Group has become the market leader in building and construction materials trading sector by supplying building and construction industry in the Gulf region over forty years.UAE Enterprises, a ISO 9001:2015 OHSAS 18001:2007 certified company, today the architects, engineers, contractors, business as well as residence owners trust UAE Enterprises Group as the best building and construction company in Dubai and UAE. Because of the commitment to customer satisfaction and dedication to perfection with many contractors, companies and organizations recognizing the expertise, quality material and unrivalled customer service provided by UAE Enterprises.

  • Quality Assurance – UAE Enterprises prides itself in their attention to detail checks done right from packaging until delivery so as to reduce the chances of our beloved customers facing any issues.
  • Top Quality After Service – UAE Enterprise loves its customers so much that we stay in touch with them even after successfully delivering their order by being open to reach out in case customers face any query and solving it for them.
  • Maximum Cost Efficiency – UAE Enterprises utilizes economies of scale and scope to provide customers with products of reliable quality that suit different budgets.
  • Expertise & Experience – With over four decades of supplying building and construction materials in Dubai, UAE and all over the Gulf region, UAE Enterprises boasts of not only expertise but also experience; thus, helping over customers overcome various business problems through our guidance and earning their trust in return.

And that’s not all. If you are looking for a quality supplier of building and construction material, then it is essential as our prospective customer to understand what differentiates UAE Enterprises from other suppliers in Middle East. For this, you need to know more about UAE Enterprises’ customer philosophy of helping customers win in their projects. UAE Enterprises does do by helping customers make buying decisions based on a clear idea about the product and how it can add value to their intended purposes and thus, help customers reap the benefits. This is achieved by UAE Enterprises by sticking to our four pillars of customer satisfaction listed below for your consideration:-


As a leading supplier of building and construction materials in Dubai and UAE, it is the promise of UAE Enterprises to offer you good quality durable products at the best prices in the GCC market. If in any doubt, you can contact the team of UAE Enterprises through our Contacts section so that they can offer you expert, state-of-the-art solutions to your problems through a vast range of different products and prominent brands. To know more about or buy the building and construction materials that we supply, you can visit our Products section. For any demands of building and construction materials whether in Dubai, UAE or other GCC countries, UAE Enterprise remains the one-stop shop for building and construction materials to help support you ably in fulfilling your needs.

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