Dubai’s most trusted Building Materials Supplier for Guaranteed Quality

Since its humble beginning in 1973 in Dubai, UAE Enterprises Group has grown to become a position as a leading Emirati building materials supplier, offering highest quality product-line for the infrastructure, commercial, residential, and construction industries. As a company near you, every day we deliver building supplies, builders hardware and products to the sites in Dubai and throughout the UAE.  

Sourcing and importing wood, plywood, structural steel and other building materials from market leading brands from across the world and delivering in UAE as a wholesaler. Our aim remains consistent which is to deliver value added services to customers, combining top-of-the-line products with exceptional service to provide you the best buying experience.

UAE Enterprises Group is one of the largest importers and re-exporters of wood, plywood, other related building material products and structural steel in the UAE and encompasses several real estate and infrastructural projects. For our quality, customer service and well-equipped logistics, today we are one of the most recognized and respected building materials suppliers.

Our extensive logistics network is quite dynamic and gives you convenient deliver options, thanks to our offices and warehouses in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Rashidiya, Sharjah and Al Ain.

As the construction of properties and infrastructures prevail in UAE, one of the important thing for the engineers, contractors, traders and builders is the quality of building materials. In the process of planning and construction, our objective is to help and deliver reputational and reliable materials to our customers. With sheer hard work and vast experience, from doors, wood, plywood to structural steel, gypsum boards etc., we have become one stop destination for building and construction materials.

The importance of these materials cannot be ignored, for example, Steel, which is commonly used in industrial as well as commercial dwellings. Same applies to Wood or Timber materials, they are irreplaceable for all sort of construction.

Call us today for free consultation or for more information about materials type, pricing, brands and their delivery to your site. You can always rest assured that building materials and comprehensive range of wood products at competitive prices that you purchased from UAE Enterprises Group sourced from top brands and backed by proven experience.

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